An adventure story

The first adventure book “The Christmas Pirate, the adventure begins” is written in a style that most readers don’t expect. One expects to read about a christmas pirate but instead finds a boy named Kris Masterson isgiven the name The Christmas Pirate as he is mistaken to be a pirate combined with his name Kris Masterson. Read about adventure, excitement, and a tale that unfolds on the sea with mysterious islands.

Imagination building

Ever dream of adventure when you were a child pretending to be an explorer, discovering a lost island, or sailing across the ocean to uncharted waters? Certainly we all have dreams and pretending is probably the best part of being a child. In today’s world there is so much to pull us away from this though The Christmas Pirate adventure series is a great way to help a child explore, create, and dream.

Classroom reading ...

Not only will you and your child enjoy this adventure story, but will you will also enjoy knowing this story is a great reading book for your child. Rated at 810L on the lexile scoring system for reading the story is accompanied by some incredible images from long ago in the Caribbean islands. The images help to build upon the child’s imagination as they fill in the story of their own.

Helping children to learn and grow

The Christmas Pirate likes to assist organizations that help children in need.
We can support in the following ways:

  • - Visiting children’s hospitals to cheer up, and help children smile
  • - Raise funds for non-profit organizations specific to helping children
  • - Appearances at schools or other institutions which promote reading
  • - Provide support to raise awareness for children in need
  • - Attend functions where funds are being generated to help children in need
    - Provide The Christmas Pirate children’s holiday book for free to non-profit, or other organizations who assist children to promote reading.


If you are a non-profit organization and would like to find out how you can receive free products, books, or even have ”The Christmas PirateⓇ” appear to help children in need contact

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